Monday, June 30, 2014


It's not even the 4th of July and I'm already focusing on the upcoming school year. After two years away from school, I'm diving back in! I started law school in the fall of 2011, right out of college. Full of hopes and dreams, I entered my second year...right before my fibromyalgia diagnosis. 

After sinking a full year into law school, which is no easy feat, I had to take time off to cope with my condition. It took me a full two years to find a treatment plan that works for me. As I mentioned in my Fibromyalgia 411 post, I've had some extensive treatment including two rounds of physical therapy. Every fibro person reacts differently to different treatments, so everyone's treatment plan and time frame are unique. 

Now that I've found a healthy plan for myself, I'm ready to get back into law school. It'll be tough roads ahead, especially considering the legal market nowadays. But, I'm getting back in the saddle to pursue what I'm passionate about. Any other lawyers out there with any advice for a returning law student? Or any fibro people who had to leave school? Share your thoughts or advice in the comments below!




  1. good to know you are able to go back to school and do what you love.. good luck!

  2. It's exciting that you are going back to school! Hope you have a great school year :)
    PS. I absolutely love your blog name! It made me hungry for fried pickles.